Why some of the conducted cases are unprofitable?

Check how AbiLex system can help your Law Office to avoid such situations.

About AbiLex

Our unique platform AbiLex allows organizing conducted cases and tasks. Systematization of customer service, sales, and planning has an impact on information flow and, therefore, on effectiveness increase and teamwork improvement.

Organized information can be passed in a fast and easy way, and that helps to delegate tasks to proper employees.

No matter how big the company is, organizing tasks and processes helps to improve cohesion, draw conclusions and use them in order to improve your service. Work planning, creating the schedules, task controlling and realization have a direct impact on client’s satisfaction and team’s effectiveness.

Law office managing system improves the communication within a team and allows to quickly contact the clients and provide them with workflow information.



Generating reports based on data collected in the system.

  • Reports for internal and external use
  • Periodic reports
  • Statistics based on data collected in the system
  • Client/case profitability analysis
  • Reports for HR department needs

Work time tracking

This functionality in an easy way allows to monitor staff working time and time spent on particular client. Thanks to that it is possible to verify the profitability of particular clients and staff performance.

  • Schedule
  • List of concrete tasks assigned to particular user
  • Displaying time estimated for project and time spent on it
  • Client profitability analysis
  • Quick insight in free resources of the company

Case status

This functionality in an easy way and without any additional communication allows verifying on which stage is a particular case. This improves communication and makes controlling much easier.

  • Improving communication within the company
  • Automated notifications – automated emailing
  • Email templates for communication with clients
  • Clear billing system – records of time spent on clients cases

Access control

This option enables managing all the roles and permissions in the system properly, so all the confidential data are safe.

  • Safe transfer of information and documentation
  • Clients segmentation
  • System clearance (user sees only those data he needs)

Managing the documents

  • Synchronization with cloud
  • Configurative, automated documents flow in the company
  • Tracking the history of changes in documents
  • Records kept in order
  • Easier management of access to documents, sharing them, and organizing


Thanks to this functionality, access to cases and documentation becomes much easier.

  • Information is always at hand
  • Live view of selected/updated indicators, progress, or data
  • The ability to exchange information anywhere and at any time

Case Study


  • Lack of control overworked hours
  • Paper documents
  • Roles and permissions
  • Lack of information about case progress



  • Time tracking system
  • Easy system for documents control
  • Assigning roles and permission for users
  • Case statuses


References from Piotr Kamiński & Robert Kamiński Law Office

„[…] The software was created considering Law Office’s needs, the results of workshops with the participation of both parties and on the basis of technological solutions proposed by the Aberit company, supporting the business.

All the works were done on time, and the experts demonstrated reliability and high professional competence.

The high-quality service, professional consulting and accurately made application working in everyday use of Law Office allow recommend Aberit as a trustworthy partner in the field of creation of dedicated web-applications that meets client’s requirements.”

Piotr Kamiński Robert Kamiński
Law Office Partnership

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