AbiFlow Platform enables the creation of a system according to a particular client’s needs.

AbiFlow is a platform consistent with a mission of our company. We like to use time in a constructive way, therefore we prefer clear and concrete tasks. Our unique platform allows to order completed works and tasks. Systematization of customer service, sales, and planning has an impact on infromation flow and, therefore, on effectiveness increase and teamwork improvement. Organized information can be passed in a fast and easy way, and that helps to delegate tasks to proper employees.

No matter how big the company is, organizing tasks and processes helps to improve cohesion, draw conclusions and use them in order to improve your service. Work planning, creating the schedules, task controlling, and realization have a direct impact on the client’s satisfaction and team’s effectiveness. And this is where AbiFlow needed – the platform that offers data collection in one place.

Project managing systems improve the communication within a team and allows to quickly contact the clients and provide them with workflow information.

  1. Project / Task Management
    • Task status
    • Assigning people responsible for the task
    • Efficient task delegation in the organization
    • Keeping all information needed for project realization in one place at hand
    • Terms / notifications
  2. Clients and their needs are always at hand (Costs and incomes controlling)
    • Quicker and more accurate client service
    • Clear billing system – records of time spent on realization of concrete project
    • Client’s dashboard that shows them the project progress
    • Client profitability analysis
  3. Automated actions (Saving time of employees)
    • Configurative, automated documents flow in the company
    • Improved communication within the organization
    • Automated emailing
    • Email templates for communication with clients
  4. Customized for company / Elastic (We do not force employees to change their habits)
    • Adapted software for company’s standards and processes
    • Integration with existing systems in order to improve the effectiveness
    • Every user has assigned permissions and roles in the system
  5. Information is always at hand
    • Generating reports based on data collected in the system
    • Generating statistics based on data collected in the system
    • Analysis of data collected in the system
    • Tasks assigned to the user
    • Automatic task priorities that consider terms and importance of the task
    • Quick insight in free resources of the company, improved tasks delegation
  6. Employee information
    • Employees achievements
    • Work history, collection information about employee’s experience, his characteristics, predispositions, and tasks completed
    • Working time records
    • Current tasks
  7. Knowledge Base
    • Knowledge base/cases
    • Company’s procedures
    • Employee onboarding
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