Information is like a dinner – tastes better when beautifully served. And we know how to served it to your clients.

You obviously know what “Consulting and marketing strategy” means, that is why we explain to you only questionable issues. PS. We are aware of the fact, that long texts are tiresome and unpleasant to read (confirmed by tests!), and we want to spare you any unnecessary trouble. Let’s make it brief!

360 Degree Marketing (Integrated Marketing) is a combination of marketing, advertising and PR activities, which bring many benefits in a short period of time. It is about using different, coordinated activities through digital and traditional channels, which are supposed to support each other and redouble the effect. Integrated Marketing is an amazing option for companies, because of flexible, comfortable and safe marketing care system and montly activities connected with consulting. For who? It’s an ideal solution for hardworking businessmen, who are aware of Internet’s role and determined to benefit from this amazing tool on the basis of outsourcing – without unnecessary costs, time-consuming activities and your own personnel engagement.

Brand monitoring – Are you aware of your company image on the Internet? Would you want to know if somewhere on the web existed negative comments or opinions about your brand? Or maybe somebody gives unreal information about your company? If so, contact us and take advantage of free brand audit.

We are able to create an effective marketing message using appropriate tools and communication channels.

One of the constituent part of adverisement on the web is Search Engine Optimization. We pay a specific attention to this service. Read more about “Search Engine Optimization.”

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