Business application development platform

With the AbiFlow platform, we can build a system tailored to the company's needs.

Value for any organization

AbiFlow is a proprietary Low Code platform developed in line with our company's mission.

It allows to organize the work in progress and optimize activities in the areas of planning, process management, customer service and sales.
It provides a better flow of information, increases efficiency and streamlines the team's work.

At Aberit, we use time constructively - we act transparently and concretely. We know how important it is to organize and manage information quickly and easily - this is the key to delegating tasks to ensure optimal execution.

Low-Code is an approach to software development that helps IT professionals collaborate with the business and deliver digital transformation solutions faster, while minimizing the amount of code needed. Essentially, Low-Code replaces the creation of dedicated custom code with a collection of ready-to-use user interface components. It uses standard scripts and integrations, solution plans, visual workflow automation tools and other user-friendly features. For enterprise application development, low-code platforms such as Abiflow combine these features with other advanced tools for project management, and customer management, ensuring the best workspace for digital innovation with consistent security.

Advantages of such a solution

One platform - many possibilities

CRM module - Customer management

Allows you to manage customers and contacts.

Creating a database of customers and contractors, adding new contacts and assigning specific information and data to them, and grouping and assigning contacts to existing contractors enables individual approaches to the customer and supports good cooperation with contractors. Information is always available and up-to-date.

The CRM module allows you to search for all ongoing cases assigned to a particular client. It provides insight into attached documents, settlements or important files. The option to assign an account manager within the organization facilitates delegation of responsibilities and customer relationship management and improves communication, including internal. The CRM module gives you full control over customer contact within a single functionality.

Project and task management

We know how important it is to maintain order and organization of work.

AbiFlow has a powerful module to manage projects, cases and tasks.

The module contains the most important information about the client, ongoing projects, and internal tasks. It allows you to monitor and account for work time, create and add notes, monitor client billing and view documents and files.

We took care of the security of confidential information - you decide who of your employees has access to the information collected about the client and the case.

Functionality allows you to store data in a structured form in one place and manage it without fear of it reaching the wrong people.

Creating tasks and assigning them to a particular case allows flexible management of activities. Each task has its own supervisor. You can also create any number of sub-tasks, so that large and complex issues become a series of small, easy-to-follow steps.

The start date, completion date, task status, assigned priority or task progress indicator allow monitoring of the work at any time.

The system provides the ability to define task statuses and add other team members as observers, which improves the flow of information and streamlines the team's work.

Task performers can add notes or comment on tasks and generate notifications for other people involved in the task.

Registration of working time

AbiFlow allows recording the time spent on tasks within each project or case. This facilitates subsequent billing and allows you to control the cost of serving all customers.

A built-in stopwatch will automatically record the time spent working on a specific task.

All you have to do is click one button, and the stopwatch will start timing the task of your choice. When you finish working on a task, clicking again stops the stopwatch and automatically reports the working time in the task.

In AbiFlow, you can also manually add and report work time. This will ensure that every hour spent on case management and customer service is accounted for.

The reported time is stored in the system, allowing the generation of case profitability and contractor settlement reports.


Stay up to date with the most important events

AbiFlow will notify you of important events, with all information displayed on the system interface.

The system gives employees the ability to issue electronic leave requests. At the same time, it will remind supervisors to approve each request.

AbiFlow makes it easy to delegate tasks - each time a new task is assigned to an employee's duties, it automatically generates a system notification.

System notifications also allow you to receive notifications about important events in the operating system. AbiFlow also sends email notifications, enabling you to associate the type of notifications with the channels you want to receive them.


In the AbiFlow calendar, you will schedule the most important issues and tasks, their start, completion, overdue and others.

The calendar also gives a preview of your team members' vacations and absences.

Handling of project documents and files

Easier documentation management with convenient drag & drop functionality.

A simple way to attach documents, files and attachments to a customer account, case or task.

Attached documents can be organized into groups such as contracts, sales invoices, cost invoices and others.

AbiFlow will automatically take care of the proper organization and order of files for each client in each project.

The system's structure is clear and organized, allowing you to search for different types of files quickly.

In addition, there is a possibility to export lists of all collected documentation in a selected format.

... and many other functionalities

You can freely configure the flow of statuses in projects to tailor the system to how you work. You can freely configure the layout of the columns displayed in each table view and focus on the most essential information for you. You can view the history of changes and user activity at any time. This way, you always know who performed the operation and when. The absenteeism and days off module lets you see which employee is absent due to a court appointment, working remotely, or simply on vacation or sick leave.