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AbiFlow - Low-Code platform

A proprietary workflow system that optimizes processes in an organization, supports management and settlements with contractors, reduces business costs and increases the efficiency of operations while supporting remote work.

Outsourcing of IT programmers

Delegating IT tasks to third-party providers means lower costs, access to experts, scalability, business focus, faster project delivery, risk reduction, global perspective, access to new technologies, time flexibility and shorter product development cycles.

Research and Development (R&D) projects

R&D projects are a source of innovation, new jobs and export growth. Improve efficiency, advance science and affect the quality of life of society. This is the key to the development of the economy and competitiveness in the global market.

Dedicated web, mobile and MVP projects

This is our specialty! We offer comprehensive solutions, creating unique websites, mobile applications and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) prototypes. Our services include design, programming and testing, ensuring excellent quality and efficiency. The benefits are rapid growth, cost optimization and increased competitiveness.


It is a comprehensive solution for managing a law firm. It has a case, activity and time recording module, as well as notifications, calendar, document handling, financial module and many other features. It makes it easier to control clients, tasks and costs, ensuring efficient work and data security.

Process analysis and mapping

These are key management tools for understanding and improving organizational performance. Identifying process steps, resources and dependencies between them enables better performance management, cost reduction and improved service quality. These are tools for improving and optimizing business operations.

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