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CRM module - Customer management

Allows you to manage customers and contacts.
Create a database of customers and contractors, add new contacts and assign them specific information and data, grouping and assigning references to existing contractors - all of this allows you to approach customers and support good cooperation with contractors individually. Information is always available and up-to-date.

The CRM module allows you to search for all ongoing cases assigned to a particular client. It provides insight into attached documents, billing or essential files. The option to assign an account manager internally makes it easier to delegate responsibilities, manage customer relationships and improve communication, including internally. The CRM module fully controls customer contact in a single functionality.


Stay up to date with the most important events in your company.
AbiLex will notify you of events that are important to you, with all information displayed on the system interface.
The system gives employees the ability to issue electronic leave requests, at the same time it will remind the employer to approve each request.
AbiLex makes it easy to delegate tasks - each time a new task is assigned to an employee's duties, it automatically generates a system notification.
System notifications allow you to receive notifications about important events in the operating system as well. AbiLex also sends email notifications and allows you to associate the type of notifications with the channels you want to receive them.


In the AbiLex calendar you will schedule the most important issues and tasks, their start, completion, overdue and others. The calendar also gives you a preview of your team members' vacations and absences.

Handling of case documents and records

Easier documentation management with convenient drag & drop functionality. A simple way to pin documents, files and attachments to a customer account, case or task.

Attached documents can be organized into groups such as contracts, sales invoices, cost invoices and others. AbiLex will automatically take care of the proper organization and order of files for each client in any case you are handling. The structure of the system is clear and organized, which allows you to quickly search for different types of files.

In addition, there is a possibility to export lists of all collected documentation of your customers in the format of your choice.

... and many other functionalities

You can freely configure the flow of statuses in cases, so you can tailor the system to the way your company works.

You can freely configure the layout of the columns displayed in each table view and focus on the information that is most important to you. You can view the history of changes and user activity at any time. This way you always know who performed a particular operation and when.

The absences and days off module allows you to see which employee is absent due to a court appointment, working remotely or simply on vacation
or sick leave.

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